Best Crypto Podcasts: These are the Top Crypto Podcasts

According to Insider Intelligence, In 2021 the number of monthly US podcast listeners will increase by 10.1% year-over-year (YoY) to 117.8 million. No surprise–there has been a proliferation of new crypto podcasts over the recent months and years, but which are the best crypto podcasts you should be listening to? We’ve listened to A LOT of crypto podcasts. Podcasts are a great way to learn about the latest trends in crypto, learn about decentralized finance, NFTs, and so much more. We’ve narrowed it down to a select few for what we believe to be the top crypto podcasts of 2021.


Laura Shin is known as the first mainstream journalist to cover crypto full time, and she is the host of one of the best cryptocurrency podcasts available today. New episodes are released frequently (typically every ~4 days) and Laura interviews some of the brightest minds in the industry. She is a true professional with her interview style and lines of questioning, and these podcasts are well polished and produced. Some of the biggest trends which have emerged over time were covered very early on in Unchained, such as the success of the Solana ecosystem!

Untold Stories

Charlie Shrem is a well known O.G. [original gangster] in the crypto world. As one of the earliest figureheads of the cryptocurrency movement – Charlie has a unique knowledge and perspective that can’t be replicated by any other host. His podcasts are highly authentic, and you can tell Charlie genuinely loves talking all things blockchain. Charlie seems to know everyone in the crypto world–and because of this he is able to get high profile guests on his show regularly to discuss a wide realm of crypto topics. Charlie is definitely a guy you want to buy a cup of coffee to hear some of his stories.

BAD Crypto Podcast

Joel Comm and Travis Wright have one of the most popular crypto podcasts on the interwebs. We find their podcast more entertaining than anything else – as they don’t take themselves too seriously and often times will take jabs at themselves. Nevertheless, they are still one of the powerhouses in the crypto podcast world – and can attract some of the most high profile guests in the space. Some of their more well known episodes include bizarre interviews with the late John McAfee – which is definitely entertaining to say the least.

Coin Bureau

Guy is one of the most well known crypto YouTubers out there. He is known for providing extremely insightful, educational, and easy to follow breakdowns of all things crypto. His YouTube channel is definitely a must-subscribe for anyone interested in learning more about cryptocurrency and his perspective on emerging trends. These videos are as entertaining as they are educational. However – he is also NOT a financial advisor (and neither are we), which is something he is sure to disclaim at the beginning of every episode in his unique and quirky way.

We Study Billionaires – The Investor’s Podcast Network

Though not every episode is about cryptocurrency and/or Bitcoin – many of their episodes are. And when they do an episode about Bitcoin, let’s just say they go DEEP into thought provoking discussion. While this podcast is focused on investing strategies with a billionaire mindset – they attempt to breakdown complex investing strategies in simple terms. They interview billionaires and study the habits, strategies, and systems these investors used to get them to their level of investment success.

Conclusion: The Best Crypto Podcasts

While there is not a shortage of crypto podcasts to choose from these days, we believe there are 5 of the best. Each podcast offers a unique perspective – but all are highly entertaining as well as educational. You should probably give each one a try. For us, we are subscribers to all of them, and listen to every episode as they come out. The best way to stay on top of future trends is to stay informed. Fortune favors the prepared mind!