Buffett Bets on Crypto-Friendly Neobank. Snoop to Create NFT Music Label. JP Morgan up in the Metaverse.

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Nasdaq: Slight dip in markets as investors are digesting earnings reports, updates from the Federal Reserve around inflation data, and the the heightened tensions with Ukraine and RussiaCrypto: Bitcoin dipped but recovered late into the day, likely due to Russia/Ukraine tension, inflation and interest rate risk, and Feds mention of crypto and stablecoin risk.
Investing: Buffett Invests $1 Billion into Crypto Friendly Neobank
Buffett Flippy Floppy?: Remember when Warren Buffett referred to crypto as “rat poison”? Or when he called Bitcoin “rat poison squared”? We do. Buffett was very public with his stance on crypto, but Berkshire Hathaway recently invested $1B into Nubank, which is the largest neobank in Latin America. Nubank allows its users to invest via Bitcoin ETF (exchange traded fund). While this isn’t a direct Berkshire Hathaway investment into crypto, it does give them investment exposure which relies on offering access to crypto products and services. We’ll chalk that up to a win for team crypto. Learn More   →   
NFTs: Snoop Dogg Eyes First NFT Label with Death Row Records. 
NFT Record Label? Oh Fo’ Shizzle: Snoop Dogg is not a stranger to the crypto or NFT game. In fact, he’s dropping his first Avatar collection on “Tha Sand Box” on 2/22/22. He’s also been making some big business moves lately, as he recently purchased Death Row Records. He’s also no stranger to the NFT game, as one of the most active and vocal celebrities that engages with the NFT ecosystem. According to Snoop himself, “Death Row will be an NFT label, we will be putting out artists through the metaverse and a whole ‘nother chain of music.” Drop it like it’s hot. Learn More   →   
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Metaverse: JP Morgan enters the Metaverse
First Buffett, now Jamie Dimon Flip Floppin’?: A twofer! Jamie Dimon was notorious for saying “if you’re ‘stupid’ enough to buy bitcoin, you’ll pay the price one day.” Now his bank, JP Morgan Chase, has just purchased virtual real estate in Decentraland and opened up a virtual lounge, called the Onyx lounge. Not just that, but they’re the first bank to enter the metaverse. Furthermore, they even had their team put out an 18 page report titled “Opportunities in the Metaverse, How Businesses can Explore the Metaverse and Navigate Hype vs Reality”Here are some fun highlights from the 18-page report:$54 billion spent annually on virtual goods (double the amount spent on buying music)NFTs have a market cap of $41BSandbox has 200 Strategic Partnerships$12,000 is the average price of a parcel of virtual land, it doubled in a 6 month window in 2021In-game ad spending is set to reach $18.4B by 2027Learn More   →   
Tweet of the DayPresident of El Salvador Roasts US Senators  →   
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