InBetweeners NFT and Bieber Fever

NFTs are highly volatile and have low liquidity, and this article is definitely not written to be as financial advice. Before purchasing any NFTs, you should do your own research.

There is nothing new about celebrities embracing NFT projects. Steph Curry and Snoop Dogg flex their profile pics (PFP) with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Odell Beckham Jr. dons a Cryptopunk PFP, and the latest to join the party is Justin Bieber updating his profile pic to a new NFT drop called InBetweeners. But something feels and stands out much differently with this new NFT project drop. In this article, we are going to explore the InBetweeners NFT art collection by GianPiero and why this release could reach escape velocity within the space.

Who is GianPiero?

InBetweeners is a collection of art by GianPiero (@gianpiero), who in addition to being an incredible cartoon designer for @drewhouse (1.6M+ followers on Instagram), is also the merchandise designer for the likes of Snoop Dogg and Justin Bieber. In the InBetweeners collection, GianPiero draws from his childhood teddy bear which brought comfort to him growing up, with the intention that these bears of InBetweeners will bring comfort and a sense of love to its community. If you take a look at the InBetweeners collection, you can’t help but vibe with these cute and unique teddy bears. But his connection with Justin Bieber is the true catalyst to the potential of this project.

The Justin Bieber Effect

To understand the enormity of an NFT collection launching with the endorsement of a celebrity like Justin Bieber, it’s important to look under the hood of his influence in social media. Let’s take a look at his current follower count by platform:

Now, let’s compare that to someone who reportedly makes $1,000,000+ per Instagram post (and likely much more), Kim Kardashian.


To no surprise, Justin Bieber ranks within the highest echelon of social media influence. His posts have the potential to reach hundreds of millions of people around the world, which is why brands and advertisers would be willing to pay hundreds of thousands or even over a million dollars for him to post and endorse their products. Now imagine launching a new NFT collection with the magnification of a celebrity endorsement such as Justin Bieber to tap into their audience of hundreds of millions of people. The cost of this type of marketing campaign to traditional brand could easily be hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars to execute.

Imagine putting that type of advertising power and celebrity endorsement behind a newly launched NFT collection. Enter InBetweeners. Since December 15th 2021, he’s posted InBetweeners artwork to his Instagram feed 8 times, updated his Instagram and Twitter profile pics to InBetweeners, lit up his Instagram Stories with multiple posts of other celebrities (Spiderman’s Tom Holland, Snoop Dog, Scooter Braun) joining in on the InBetweeners hype, and linked the website in his bio. He is clearly passionate about this art collection and motivated for it to be a successful community. In fact, one of the features on the InBetweeners roadmap is “Mystery Utility with Justin Bieber”.

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So how much are people paying for InBetweeners?

With that said, at time of writing this article, the floor price to purchase an InBetweener on OpenSea is at 1.48 ETH, which is about $5,600 USD. According to their website, when this project was first released, it cost .27 ETH to mint +gas fees. So if you were able to purchase one at the mint price, you’re currently sitting pretty.

The Future of InBetweeners

Who knows! The NFT space is extremely volatile, crazy, absurd, amazing, and unpredictable. But any newly launched NFT collection backed by the excitement and likes of a social media powerhouse and pop culture icon as Justin Bieber might be worth keeping your eye on. In full disclosure, upon seeing Justin’s tweet and vibing with the artwork by GianPiero in his InBetweeners collection, AND doing our research into the project, we bought a two of these InBetweeners NFTS for ourselves. We like the bears.

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